Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Week 4, card 6, Summer Card Camp

I went searching through my paper stash last night, because I knew this paper from Cristina Re was somewhere, and it fits the colour scheme so perfectly.  I thought I had a whole A4 sheet left, but I could only find this offcut, so that's what I had to use. 

I had to take a close up of this one, because the glitter I added is the best bit!  You can't really make out the glitteryness in the first photo :(  I'm also quite pleased with my hand-tied bow :)  This ribbon is getting a workout this week!

I only just realised - I've passed 100 blog posts, and I didn't even notice!  This is post number 103 :)  I've written so many posts in the past three-and-a-bit weeks, 100 just crept up on me, and then whizzed past without a second glance!


  1. Michelle, all your cards are lovely...but this one is my favorite! The glitter is AWESOME!!! I love the paisley type pattern and the way you tilted it!!! Gorgeous!

  2. Michell i love your card, is amazing!

  3. Very flash but still crisp and modern. I love it!

  4. The bow is beautiful. Love the glitter on the card - always thankful that we save scraps of paper!

  5. Hi Michelle, this card is just gorgeous - I love the addition of glitter. So pretty!


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