Thursday, 12 January 2012

Clean and Simple Cardmaking - week 1, card 14

Today's video in the Clean and Simple cardmaking class was about getting the most out of your stamps - in other words, how to use one stamp in different ways.  I decided to take a train wreck of a card that I made last week and modify it.  In it, I used a HA background stamp in the background, but also on the paper flowers in different coloured inks.
BTW, this is what the card originally looked like -
WAY too much going on!!! The only thing good about it was the lighting - much better natural light when I took this photo compared to the ones above - Melbourne weather to blame - we're in the middle of summer, and on Christmas Day, we had hailstones the size of billiard balls, and at New Years we were hovering around the 40 degreeC mark.  Today it's 15 and overcast.

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