Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Online Card Class: His and Hers Day 1

Another online card class!  Yippee! This one is about making cards to suit male and female recipients - it is so easy to make cards for girls and women - masculine cards are a bit harder to do.  One idea from Jennifer McGuire is to adapt one card sketch to different recipients.  Here's what I did.

 Whne I first stamped the white leaves on this card, they didn't stamp perfectly at all, and I was almost going to scrap it and start again - but I decided to continue and stamp the black over the top - and now I actually quite like the fact that it isn't stamped perfectly! 


  1. Love your take on Jennifer's cards, Michelle! Isn't that overstamping technique fun - and it's forgiving too, which is twice the fun!

  2. Hello Michelle,
    I must tell you that as I scan cards made by students of the On Line Card Classes, I ALWAYS pick your to view. There is nothing to give me a clue that it is your work I've picked but I must say you give me as much or more inspiration as the instructors do. Thanks so much for sharing your work! From Cheryl, Redmond, Oregon, USA


Thank you so much for your comments - they always make my day!