Saturday, 18 June 2016

Rescuing a smudged card

Do you ever make the same card twice? I do, but I also make lots of mistakes! That's where this card came from - I made a card (you might have seen it a couple of weeks ago), but the first time I made it, I completely smudged the sentiment. The smudged version has been sitting on my desk until today, when I decided to cut the good bit of stamping out and add it to a new card.
And yes, it's not a white card base! (Shock horror!) I decided that the white background to the stamped flowers needed some colour for contrast (putting it onto white would make it look like an obvious mistake - but now that I've told you that it was a mistake anyway, it's irrelevant anyway!)

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  1. It sure is a clever way to recover the stamping. And this card turned out so pretty!

  2. No one would ever guess that this beauty resulted from a mistake. Stunning!


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