Saturday, 19 February 2011

Interesting task part 4

So, the brief this time was 2 cards (1/2 birthday, 1/2 housewarming) for the pink-pirate-monkey-card-recipient's (see earlier post) parents, who are into martial arts.  Here's the results.......

Believe it or not, there's a ninja monkey on this card, but he's a ninja, so he's invisible.................. :D

Of course, any monkeys who practice karate would be black belts.  Naturally. 

 And I decided that the monkey on the first card without an eye patch or bandana needed a little extra something............ so I armed him with a sword!!!

I had great fun making these cards - I hope you like them and get a little giggle from them ;)

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  1. Adorable, Michelle! I just LOVE the little karate outfits; yep, I giggled!


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