Sunday 28 October 2012

T. rex for a 4 year old

The same workmate who asked me for a pink girly card for a 4 year old (see my last post) also needed another birthday card for a boy - the two are twins!   I decided to get out my dinosaur stamps from SU and get stamping.

 For those of you thinking that they're Christmas trees - no, they're not - when dinosaurs roamed the earth, the forests were predominantly coniferous!  No flowering plants back then, just lots and lots of pine trees :)

  Even though there isn't much "white space" in this card, there's not a huge amount going on, so I thought I'd submit it to CASology "Wild"

Pink for a 4 year old

A workmate of mine asked me if I could make her a card for a 4-year-old little girl who loves pink.  Easy peasy!!

Wednesday 24 October 2012

CAS for a quick recovery

A workmate of mine is going into hospital tomorrow, so I made this card for all of us at work to wish her well.

 I tried a new technique (new to me, not new to most Copic users, I bet!!) - I tried to get a 3D effect on the vase with the flowers by flicking the marker from the edge to the middle of the vase image - I'm comparatively inexperienced with Copics, and have previously used different coloured markers to blend, but I only used one green marker on this - worked pretty well, I think!  I'll be submitting this to Lawnscaping's New Technique challenege, and A blog named Hero's "Clean up your Act" CAS challenge

Sunday 21 October 2012

Earrings made by me!!!

Today, I went to the home of my workmate and crafty friend, Cathleena, to learn how to make jewellery using Precious Metal Clay.  Basically, it's this stuff that is like modelling clay, you can roll it out and stamp onto it (which is what I did), or make pretty much any shape you like, then dry it, file down the rough edges, then fire it with a butane torch - the firing burns off all the clay stuff, and leaves the metal.  After firing, you brush it with a wire brush and the remains of the clay magically disappears to reveal a silver masterpiece! A bit of polishing, some jump rings and some earring hooks, and I now have some wearable art!
Thanks to Cathleena for teaching me how to do this, and to Caitlin (another lovely crafty workmate) who taught Cathleena!!

Sunday 14 October 2012

Happy birthday, Jackie!

My good friend Jackie is as Aussie as you get, but she's also French - French is her first language, she's a French teacher, she just loves everything French.  So whenever I make her a birthday card, I always seem to reach for the red, white and blue!

And, when you open it, it becomes the French flag!

I'll be submitting this card to CASual Fridays "Put your heart into it" challenge.