Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Interesting task

I often make cards that people ask me to:  "My mum's birthday is coming up, and I'd like a special card, and it has to be purple";  " I need a retirement card for my school principal"; "I need a wedding card to match this wrapping paper"; I need lots of baby cards, but no pink!".

Simple enough. 

A friend asked me last night to make a 1st birthday card.  Easy peasy.  What colour does she like? Pink. Any particular theme?  Well, she likes pirates.  And that monkey card you did was cool.  OK, pink pirate monkeys. Just got an SMS from said friend - "This is gonna sound odd, but it would be AWESOME if it said "Happy 1st birthday/housewarming".
No problem!!


I'll keep you posted.........

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