Friday, 17 February 2012

A new challenge

Do any of you remember this card from February 2011?
My friend, Alice, needed a card for a friends 1-year-old daughter last year.  When I asked her what kind of theme - what does the 1-year-old like? - Alice said she likes pink, she also likes pirates and monkeys.  Oh, and can you also make it a housewarming card, too, please?  I came up with this pink-pirate-monkey-housewarming card :)

Well, little miss is turning 2 soon, so Alice asked if I could make another card.  OK, what would you like this time?   Well, she likes robots (but I have no robot stamps - must rectify that), she likes cows  (I could do that), she likes dinosaurs, ooh, and she really likes trains!  How about dinosaurs on a train?!?!?!?!

I'll keep you posted ;)

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  1. I am convinced that you will come up with another 'put-it-all-together-and-make-a-wonderful-creation' -birthday card.
    I will come back and see if I was right (-:
    Have a nice day (or should I say evening? It's nine o'clock AM here in The Netherlands,


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