Saturday, 18 May 2013

Handmade chocolate!

I had such a fun afternoon today.  My crafty friend, Cathleena, invited a few of us to learn how to make chocolates (proper, couverture chocolate - we tempered it and everything!) with our fabulous teacher, Chloe, who has done a course on chocolate making.  So, Cath, Chloe, Sarah and I (we're all science communication officers at CSIRO) spend a fabulous few hours in Chloe's kitchen making ganache-filled chocolates and a chocolate flower!  Here are some pics:

I had such a good time - thanks to Chloe for teaching us so many cool things and inviting us into her home, thanks to Cath for the idea in the first place and for organising everything, and thanks to Sarah, who called shotgun on licking the bowl, but graciously allowed the rest of us some, too!!

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