Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My first ever card making video!

Yesterday, I spent the day with my sister and my two eldest nieces, both of whom love cardmaking.  I made a card similar to the one I'm sharing here today, but I decided to make a new version this morning using watercolour paper.

My nieces also love to make videos using iMovie.  So, I got niece number 1 to give me a lesson in how to use iMovie - this is the result!

PS in the video, I said that I was using a different brand of watercolour paper.  I usually use Canson 300gsm, but this one is Eraldo di Paolo 300gsm.

PPS If any of my workmates (or any closet botanists) decide to watch this video: Yes, I know it's a poinsettia, therefore they are not petals.  They are bracts.

PPPS please excuse the very odd way I was holding my coloured pencils whilst colouring - my thumb on my right hand is sore and swollen at the moment.

Thanks for visiting :)


  1. Fabulous card and a fabulous first video - very professional. PS: Your Versamark pad isn't that dirty LOL.

  2. Great card Michelle and congrats on a job well done on your first video. May there be many more.

  3. Well done! I enjoyed watching your first video - gorgeous cards and I'm inspired to try those pencils!

  4. Super to hear your voice! You are brave to make videos:) Lovely blue halo on your card.


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