Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A colour I find tricky to work with, and the problem with American background stamps

Sometimes, when I'm in a rut, or have lost my mojo, I randomly pick about 10 or 15 different coloured A5 sheets of card, and tell myself that I have to use these colours as base cards before I use anything else.   This teal green colour was the last one I used - it has been sitting there for so long, through at least one cheat (when I add more colours to the pile of 10-15 before finishing all of them).  For some reason, I just didn't know what to do with it.  Each patterned paper I tried with it seemed to be not quite right. 

Until I pulled out this scrap of Cristina Re patterned paper (I think it is discontinued - I can't find it on her website, and I bought a bundle of it at her last factory sale).  Even though none of the colours in the patterned paper match the card, I still think it works.

I also love the background stamp - it is a "cover a card" unmouted stamp from Impression Obsession called "vines". Love it! (unfortunately, it covers a standard card if you are in America, not in Australia.  Our cards are A6 (1/4 of A4, or 148mm X 105mm), their cards are 5 1/2 X 4 1/4 inches (approx 140mm X 108mm), which means that a lot of background stamps from US companies are just that leeetle bit too small (the 4 1/2 bit is OK - its a teeny bit wider than A6 - but the 5 1/2 bit is just not long enough).  So I covered the join in the 2 spamp impressions with the patterned paper - problem solved!

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  1. What a great combo. That paper looks great with the teal. Love the rounded corner.


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