Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Week 1, card 3

Seeing as I didn't post a card yesterday, I decided to post 2 cards today - as my original plan was to make a card every weekday for the duration of the camp.

Here's the card:

In case you've forgotten, the colour combination for week 1 is purple, pink, blue, orange and white. 
However, with the card above, the shades I used are not quite as bright as the designated shades - oh well. Just wait until you see the cards I have for Thursday and Friday - bright bright bright!!!

The layout of this card is very similar to a card I did a few months ago (see it here).   I got the idea for the holes from a Valentine's Day card by Julie Ebersole, who got her idea from Kristina Werner :)  Gotta love sharing!!


  1. This is such an adorable card! Love those buttons!

  2. Was going through the class boards and this card really stood out for me, I'm a clean and simple girl and this cute card is just perfect

  3. Thanks, Fiona - Clean and simple is my favourite, too :)
    I see on your blog that you're a science nerd - me too! Hooray!! Except I'm a biology nerd, not chemistry ;)


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