Thursday, 30 June 2011

Week 1, card 4 - Purple!!!!!

Happy Thursday, everyone :)

After looking at my first three cards using the week one colour scheme from the Summer Card Camp, I realised that one card was mainly white, one mainly blue and one white but with a big pink block.   I decided that maybe I could use each of the colours as a background - which means I have purple and orange to go!

Here's purple:

Isn't it funny how cards evolve as you're making them? This one  started off as a very simple card, with 4 coloured blocks and 4 large buttons (from Basic Grey).  I then decided that I'd stamp the coloured squares to add a little interest.  Then I decided to add the scalloped border. Then I decided it needed a sentiment.  Then I decided to replace 2 of the buttons with flowers (I think they're from K and Company).  At the last minute, I put the blue square with orange flower at an angle.  It looks a lot more complicated now than when I began!

I always admire looking at Kristina Werner's videos - mainly because most of the time, she has a definite plan in mind (backed up by a sketch) - she sometimes veers away from the sketch, but not often!   My cards rarely begin with a plan - they're more a lesson in evolution!! Seeing as I'm a biologist, maybe that's appropriate! LOL!

Keep an eye out for card 5 - Orange!!  Card 5 is a little bit different from the cards I normally make, but I used the window technique that was in Jennifer McGuire's video on Tuesday - fun!!!

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