Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Where have all these visitors come from!!!!!

OMG!!! Literally overnight (from 8:30ish last night until 6:30 this morning), my blog has gone from 968 visitors to 1166!!  WOW!!!! Where have all these visitors come from??

I know EXACTLY where they're from - Kristina Werner's and Jennifer McGuire's Summer Card Camp!  195 of those 198 visitors came directly from there, to look specifically at my last post, a link to which I put on the first class gallery last night - and I was the FIRST person to add a card to the FIRST class gallery!!

Excited, much?!?!?!

And to think, last night I went to bed thinking - "gee, maybe tomorrow, if I'm lucky, my blog will hit the 1000 mark"!!!

(oh, dear - how many exclamation marks have I just used in this post - a sure sign of a sick mind.........)

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  1. 3 weeks later, and I'm now up to 3849 - and I was excited at 1000!!! The impact of the Summer Card Camp has been astounding! :)


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