Monday, 25 July 2011

Getting prepared for Fathers day

I took my boxes of cards to choir the other night, and I sold a few, but I had a request from one of my choir buddies, Rebecca, for Fathers Day cards.  I only had one!  Well, this one won't be added to the "for sale" stash, unfortunately - this one's for my dad (he's a retired mechanic). 
It's a pity I have no idea how to do videos, because this patterned paper is not patterned paper at all!  It is plastic, and it's one of those images that moves as you move the plastic!   Each of the gears in the image rotates - it is quite impressive!  My brother got it in the mail with some advertising material - the envelope containing the ads was made of this stuff!  Luckily, he kept it for me instead of donating it to Miss Five's scrap paper stash :)  I will have to ration it carefully - I have 2 sides of a DL envelope left - the piece in this card is the flap of the envelope.

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