Monday, 11 July 2011

Week 3, Card 2 - Summer Card Camp

I'm trying to get in early with a few cards this week, because I anticipate the rest of this week getting a bit busy, and I might not have time to do much cardmaking.  I know that next week, I will have very little time at all at my craft desk (I'll be teaching VCE genetics workshops all week - busy busy!), so I'm making the most of the first 3 weeks of Summer Card Camp.
Here's card 2:

I made the flower myself, using a circle of scrap card, sticking notched ribbon down in a spiral, then heating with my heat gun until the edges of the ribbon melt and curl up. (UPDATE : I have now written a tutorial on how to make this flower - you can find it here) The brad in the middle is from Stampin' Up - absolutely LOVE their antique brads.

The lace patterned paper is from Cristina Re - a good Melbourne girl!!  I actually prefer the black version of this paper, but gotta stick to the colour scheme :)  Cristina's shop in Collingwood, Melbourne is just adorable!  I have heaps of her papers and embellishments - all very elegant - you can see her embossed white card in the background of most of my card photos :)


  1. Wow that is so pretty. I love the flower and need to try making my own with your instructions. I have loved your submissions, they are great!

  2. Beautiful Card! I love the red flower.

  3. WOW! You are always so fast and come up with such gorgeous cards! This is a new favorite for me and I'm looking forward to seeing what I can come up with today!!

    I totally LOVE Camp and it's been a great way to also meet new crafters!!

    Your work is wonderful and I enjoy visiting you blog!!

    Happy Crafting,

  4. So pretty! Love the flower and the lace patterned paper is so pretty. I thought it was actually lace when I first looked. I'm loving this week's color combo.

  5. Beautiful card. Love how you made the flower.

  6. Stunning flower! I love your lace paper! So elegant!

  7. love the flower. how did you make it? is it handmade?

  8. Hi, Muneera - if you check out the next blog post, week 3, card 3 Summer card camp - and flower tutorial - you will see step-by-step instructions on how I made the flower :)


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