Thursday, 21 July 2011

Week 4, card 8, Summer Card Camp - I'm over my fear of patterned papers :)

After a few very full-on days at work, I've come home tonight with swollen glands and not feeling the best.  However, I really wanted to make another card tonight, so it had to be an easy one.

I also had a pile of patterned papers in this week's colour scheme that I'd pulled out on Monday and they were sitting on the desk.  So I decided to use them - ALL AT ONCE!!!  For someone who is scared of putting different patterned papers together, this Summer Card Camp has been a great opportunity to challenge myself and, with Kristina Werners tips, I think I'm over my patterned-paper-matching phobia :)
Post Script - I got onto the Summer Card Camp website after I made this card, to find that Kristina's video tutorial for today is about using repetition in cards!  LOL!  I must be psychic!  


  1. Love the card and how you mixed all the patterned papers. The hints of blue and green behind the sentiment look totally fabulous!

  2. Maybe it's the colours (blues and greens are my faves, but of all your summer-camp cards I love this card best of all so far!!! Oh, and don't think I didn't notice the little trick with the overlapping greeting. Very nice indeed.


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