Saturday, 14 January 2012

Masculine card????

This card, I would say, definitively falls into the category of "masculine".  Want to guess who it's for?  Tell you later.........
I saw these little gems in Spotlight, and couldn't resist.  I had a few ideas for them, but then thought of my dad's shadow-board in his workshop, so I thought I'd try something similar. 
I'm submitting this to Moxie Fab's Tools from Around the House Challenge and Annabelle Stamps Anything Goes challenge.
 The tools are only attached to the card via knots in the red and white twine - so, when you move the card, all the tools swing to show the outlines in the background, just like a shadowboard! 
 Wondering who this card is for?  My sister-in-law!  Her favourite present ever would have to be a toss up between a tool set, and a Bunnings voucher!  (Bunnings is an Australian hardware mega shop!)  At Chrismas, I was excited to get a Kindle, rubber stamps and glittery paper from Santa - she was excited to get a set of wrenches!!


  1. Michelle, jumping the pond to say how much I LOVE your fun card.......very inventive. Hope you don't mind if I case it sometime.
    Joan In the UK

  2. This is such a great idea! She will love this. ;)

  3. What an adorable card...even if it is masculine...I love the 'bling'...!! Your sister-in-law sounds like she would be very handy around the house! I do have my own little tool set (all in pink), which I do love...but I'd take craft supplies ANY day over tools!

  4. Fantastic card Michelle! Love the tools and how you've attached them!
    TFS :)

  5. Great card this for a male! Thanks again for sharing with ABS

  6. Very cute! I love how you used the twine to attach, I've got lots of twine but haven't figure out many ways to use it yet.

  7. That is gorgeous! Love the shadows. What snazzy tools!


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