Friday, 13 January 2012

Publication reject #2

Another publication sumbission that was rejected today - oh, well, onward and upward!

 BTW, this was my first use of my new Hero Arts Soft Pool shadow ink - will be getting a few more colours in this ink - love it! 


  1. Gorgeous Michelle! I'm also now a huge fan of the Shadow inks and Soft Pool is so pretty. I love the cardstock in that color too.

    I just bought the full set of the Mid-Tone Shadow Inks and used one of the blues on my card today. Not a very creative day for me...but I am hoping tomorrow will be better!

    I also LOOK for your cards, they are really special! :)


  2. I'm sad to hear that THIS was rejected....I am stunned, as I think it's stunning.

    Gosh if YOU get rejected....I'd never stand a chance...that's really a bummer!!

  3. Did they say why they rejected it? Where did you submit it too? I think it's lovely.

    1. Papercrafts magazine - I used one of their sketches in their call for submissions recently. I'm not that discouraged - it was only my first try submitting!

  4. Hey there, Michelle...this is just lovely! Don't get do very good designs!


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