Thursday, 28 February 2013

What a difference paper can make!!!

 I made this card after a failed attempt at a different technique (see below for explanation).  I smooshed (that's a very technical term) Distress Inks onto my craft sheet (keeping the colours separate), sprayed them with water, then picked up the colour with my waterbrush and painted it onto watercolour paper. 

I made a card last month (see HERE)
  and another a couple of weeks ago (see HERE)
by smooshing some distress inks onto one edge of a piece of Stampin' Up watercolour paper, then drenching it in water to let the colour run to the other side of the paper. Well, I wanted to make a few more cards using the same technique, but I didn't have much of the SU paper left, so I used a different brand of watercolour paper.  I've used this other watercolour paper before, and it's been fine, but not for this technique!!
  On SU paper:

On OTHER paper:
I'll just have to remember NOT to try this technique with this paper again - I'll keep it for other watercolouring uses!! As you can see, it worked perfectly well for the card at the top of this post.

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  1. Wow quite a difference isn't there. Love the finished cards.

  2. Love the water colour effects! You are right about the different papers - always test them first...

  3. Thanks Michelle, it's really helpful to see your results with different papers. I've bought a couple of different cheaper pads and noticed I need to be careful with the methods I use. I'll have to try some SU paper. :)


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