Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hello again, Sky blossom!

Back in February last year, I was desolate about the discontinuation of one of my favourite patterned papers from Cristina Re, Sky Blossom.  I actually ordered some over the internet (can't remember the name of the shop), but they contacted me to say, nope, the computer had made a mistake and they didn't actually have any.  Bugger.  I searched high and low for months, but could not find any shops that still had some.

Until today!

I went to the Paperific show with my lovely friends, Stella and Debbie (and met some new lovely friends during the day!), and there was a teeny tiny stand called The Ruby Cat - they had some old stock, amongst which I found 12 whole sheets of Sky Blossom!!  Needless to say, I bought them all :)

Here is the last card I made with Sky blossom in February last year:
I will have to make sure I actually use my new stash, because I am tempted to just keep it in a locked cupboard, and take it out once in a while to admire it and call it my precious!! LOL!!

Thank you to the people at The Ruby Cat - you made my day!!

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