Monday, 21 November 2016

Challenge me a Christmas Card 9

Welcome back to my series, "Challenge me a Christmas card"!  I asked my friends, family, workmates, choirmates (anyone really) to set me a challenge for a Christmas card. It could be a colour, a theme, a subject, a technique, anything!
My workmate, Trisha (and my brother, Jim) challenged me to make a Christmas card with dinosaur.  Challenge accepted!

 Now, before any scientist friends of mine point out that grass on this card is anachronistic (Apatosaurus lived in the Jurassic, and flowering plants, like grass, didn't appear until the Cretaceous), yes, I know.   Suck it up.
And also, in case you were wondering, that's not the Chicxulub meteorite.
It's Halley's comet. So there.

(yes, I am a big nerd.)
 Thanks for visiting me for my "Challenge me a Christmas Card" series - I'll be back with another challenge card soon!


  1. Michelle this is so clever! Love the shooting star alongside the dino!!

  2. Love your shooting star too and your dinosaur. Nothing like being edu ma kated on the history of the earth, just need to lear to speal

    1. Lol! I'm a biology tutor - It's my job to know stuff like this 😉


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