Saturday, 16 December 2017

Challenge me a Christmas Card

Welcome! Last year, I did a series on my blog where I asked people to set me a Christmas card challenge. This year, I'm stepping it up a notch, by asking crafty friends to join me!
How cool is this graphic!! My crafty friend, Kylie Purtell, made it especially for me! YAY!  You can check out her blog HERE.

Today, the challenge theme is unusual, in that I asked quite a few people if they wanted to join me with this challenge, and they all turned me down, for some strange reason. The theme is

wait for it.......

"Who farted?" 

 Thanks for visiting :)


  1. This card is so cute and funny!

  2. LOL Love it! Made me giggle. Appreciate that!

  3. It took a minute - I was busy singing the song. Then I noticed and had to laugh. I sure know someone that would love this card!

  4. Oh my goodness !! How fun and cute !


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