Sunday, 11 March 2012

Butterflies for Caitlin

My 2nd-eldest niece, Caitlin, is turning 7 this week, and she specifically asked for a card with 7 butterflies on it.

 And, before you can say,"Hey, there are only 5 butterflies", here's the inside:

Happy birthday, Caitie!


  1. How pretty, Michelle. So simple but I bet she was thrilled!

  2. beautiful michelle... love those butterflies xx

  3. I love LOVE this card! Where did u get the different sized butterfly stamps and how did you colour them so beautifully? Did u finally get into that copic stash?

  4. I love LOVE this card? Which stamp set is that? They are colored so beautifully .. Did you finally crack open the copics? ;)

    1. It's a stamp set from Hero Arts - has the butterflies and dies to match . And, yes, I did crack open the Copics - still learning, though :)

  5. And Auntie Michelle delivered with one amazing Butterfly Card - colored to perfection! I LOVE it and think it's adorable that she asked for that style of card! She must LOVE your wonderful work!!

    Looking forward to seeing you Monday in Class!!! PS: Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. Hi Michelle! I can't find an email contact on your site and I'd like to confirm with you that you haven't received a Liebster Award. I've searched your awards tab and don't see that you have received one (which is shocking), and if you haven't, I'd like to nominate you. I'd like to make sure before I post my blog, so please email me at to let me know. Thank you!

  7. Hi Michelle...I just added you to my list of Liebster Award nominees...your work is beautiful and just wanted everyone to know about it...would love it if you would give me your email so I could shoot you a quick note:)!! These butterflies are amazing, by the way:)!! Simply beautiful:)!!! The link to the award is
    My email address is Thanks so much, Michelle!!

  8. I'm in love with this card, Michelle! I somehow missed it when you posted. So very pretty, and it almost has me convinced to "think" about getting some copics... LOL! Caitlin is lucky to have such a talented Aunty. :-)


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