Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Coffee Lovers Bloghop!

Let's just get this right out of the way at the very beginning.  I hate coffee. Loathe the stuff.  Give me a tea or a hot chocolate any day!  However, I do love cardmaking, and I love a good blog hop ;)  And there's a coffee lovers blog hop being hosted by Chaitali today!
Being a non-coffee drinker, I don't have any stamps appropriate to this blog hop, so I just drew this mug and added the labels myself.  These labels seem to apply to a lot of coffee drinkers I know :)

Make sure you visit Chaitali's blog HERE to check out all the caffeinated cards! 


Thanks for visiting :)


  1. That'd be me LOL! Fab card Michelle :)

  2. Fabulous card Michelle :-) I love how you made your own mug and you have the levels just perfect ,,, lol :-)

    Lols x x x (Entry No 55)

  3. ooh Michelle
    may I tell
    I love the sentiment
    Love how you coloring the mug
    and love the layout too..
    what a sweet lovely coffee card..Love this Michelle...

    if you wanna look at my card it is # 46 on the linky party...would be glad if you could visiting me back...A very happy National Coffee Day for you too :)

  4. That's brilliant, can't stop laughing. Great idea!

  5. The sentiment is perfect. Love the natural, earthy tones on this too.

  6. What a cute sentiment. Great job drawing your mug. Great job.

  7. This is so sweet and clever! Love how you made your own mug!

  8. Fabulous card in every way Michelle! I love what you wrote on the mug!

  9. You were picked as a favorite of the coffee lovers hop by one of our design team members. Check it out:

  10. This is AWESOME and so true! Great card!

  11. Brilliant card Michelle, congrats on your favourites selection yesterday

  12. This is an awesome card! I absolutely agree!

  13. I love the sentiment that you came up with on your card! Very appropriate for a lot of people I know too!!

  14. Drew it? "I just drew it" like that's no big deal and everyone can do it. Pfft. I can barely draw a heart haha! Your mug is adorable. Good thing too because I almost had to unfriend you due to your disdain for coffee ;)

  15. i.love.it.
    hand drawn makes it that much better.
    I'm a stamper for a reason...I can't draw freehand!
    Thanks for linking up to the Coffee Lovers Blog Hop♡

  16. For not being a coffee drinker, you have captured it perfectly. My husband's co-workers would agree with that scale completly :)

  17. Live it. I think you need to take up drinking coffee. You will be good at it too!


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