Friday, 11 November 2011

Week 1, card 7 Holiday card boot camp

I can't tell you how much I love Julie Ebersole's work - her card making is just gorgeous, and she's so funny and down to earth!!  I decided to make almost a direct copy of her card from the holiday card boot camp today - with a few substitutions for stamps she used that I don't have ;)


  1. *mondo squishy hugs* :) Oh, my gosh you were so fast, too!!!

  2. this was also one of my favourites from today HCBC !! I love your work as well Michelle !! <3 Lynn, in Georgetown, Ontario, CANADA

  3. Hi Michelle - Congratulations on joining the wonderful world of COPICS! Like you, I also have many Marvy/Tombow markers and for a long time resisted Copics, but after seeing the blending, I finally gave in. It took me about 3 years to build my collection, which is very large now, but a lifetime investment and I use them every day!

    I've also taken several classes and really LOVE to color, it's quite relaxing and since I use lots of digi images they make it a breeze. The special at 2P's were awesome. I actually stocked up on some refills, as those prices could not be beat. I can refer you to classes and/or other stores with great deals, if and when you decide to make that move.

    With your wonderful talent, I'm sure you'll LOVE them and totally enjoy coloring with them.

    I'm very happy for you!! I also told all my family/friends all I wanted for along time for Christmas and my birthday was money for Copics or gift certificates to places that sold thme!!

    Let me know when they arrive!! WOOHOO!


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